Improve the Municipal Management Framework

Component 3:

Improve the Municipal Management Framework (US$4.5 million)


Sub-component 3.1 (Technical Assistance Support through Municipal Capacity Building Packages) consists of the following activities: (i) a Unified Municipal Chart of Accounts and a municipal-level automated AFMIS (AFMIS-M) with three modules (budget, revenue and expenditure) that is fully compatible with the national government AFMIS, and (ii) Municipal Budget Planning, Execution and Reporting Tools, Templates and Guidelines for improved municipal budgetary planning and reporting.


Subcomponent 3.2 (Feasibility and Design Studies for Catalytic Investment Projects) is to be reviewed for implementation at the time of Mid Term Review based on the need and available resources.  Each PCC will be eligible to receive consultant services to help prepare feasibility and design studies for the identified catalytic investments in the multiyear Capital Investment Program, which would be financed under SOP II of CIP. This subcomponent will address directly the problem of underexecuted municipal capital investment budgets by helping to develop viable and tender-ready capital investment projects to accelerate investment project programming and implementation.
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